Dedicated freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director, based in Stockholm but eager to explore the world. Feminist, vegetarian and dreamer. Love New York, The 70s, The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, Pizza Napoletana, Art Biennales and design that makes you fly. For me graphic design should tickle your head and make your knees weak. For that I can work days and nights. 

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☞ ☏ +46 (0) 70 471 07 63

Art Direction, Layout, Typography, Magazine Production, Web Design, Social Media, Concepting, Prepress + Photography, image editing, writing.

Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Office, Keynote, Squarespace, Textalk.

H&M, Philips, WWF, Egmont Publishing, Live Nation, Globetrotter Sverige, Loppigruppen, Sturegallerian, Wallmans Stockholm, AMPG, Egoboost, Doublecheck, Ecolyx traveling, Rabble, iStone, MUCF, Feather Agency, Polhem PR, Patchwork Sweden, Noble Entertainment, Global Challenges Foundation, Medievänner, Garden Gnome ltd, Kapybara Media, SFK, Kulturskolan Stockholm, Oleana, Perfect Storm, Villefranche Textile, MMA-Nytt, and more.

- Freelance Graphic Designer since November 2012
- Web Final Art at H&M Online 2013, 2014, spring 2016
- Art director at Egoboost Magazine 2012
- Graphic designer at Moderna tidskrifter fall 2011
- Marketing & PR at Noble entertainment summer 2011
- Marketing & press assistent at Stockholm Film Festival 2007, 2008

- "Tjejer kodar", Course in HTML, CSS, Python, Django, Barcelona 2017
- B.A. in Graphic design at The Graphic Institute, Stockholm University 2011
- Poppius Basic Course Journalism 2009
- B.A. in Journalism at Stockholm University 2008
- Studies in Fashion, Visual Arts, Project management, Film, Ingmar Bergman, Philosophy, at Stockholm University.